The Great War Primary Document Archive is a non-profit organisation,
incorporated in the State of Arizona, dedicated to the encouragement of the
collection, preservation, and development in electronic form of materials
relating to the First World War, both as a resource for scholars and students,
and as a perpetual memorial to the heroism and sacrifice of those who
participated in the war throughout the world.

The Great War Primary Document Archive seeks funding, sponsorship and
donations for the development of materials and collections, in order to make
these materials available to Internet sites and facilities for free public access.
The Archive also acts as sponsor of deserving facilities, but concentrates on
devoting its resources to the preparation of materials pertaining to the Great War.

Materials on the Great War Primary Document Archive site
( and elsewhere noted) are copyright, where copyright is
not otherwise cited, to the Great War Primary Document Archive, which grants
non-exclusive and rescindable use of these materials to WWI/WWW.

AJ Plotke, PhD
Executive Director

Twenty Years: 1995-2015

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Last Updated: 12 July 2015