Medals of Imperial Germany

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At the time of World War One, there were no exclusively 'German' national awards. The Reich was made up of formerly soverign territories. Each of the member states who made up Germany had their own medals and awards. Prussia, as the preeminent state, made its awards available to all those within the Reich, so they came close to serving as 'national' awards. They were, however, still Prussian. The two most recognized Prussian awards are:

After the war, the monarchy was dissolved and the Weimar republic established. This Republic of Germany issued several awards and medals directly related to the Great War. Weimar era medals are listed on The Post-War Germany Page.

For Awards bestowed by the various states within the German Reich, use the following index.

4 Kingdoms


5 Grand Duchies

 Hessen (Hesse-Darmstadt)

6 Duchies


7 Principalities


3 Free Cities