This Section of WWI/WWW is concerned with all Medical aspects, Military and Civilian, of the Great War:




The preparation of such a large undertaking must always be incomplete but the following material will be published :

  1. Contemporary letters and diaries, with medical content.
  2. Contemporary articles from the medical journals of the time.
  3. Selections from contemporary books with medical content.
  4. Contemporary photographs or pictures with a medical content, either clinical photographs or pertaining to nonclinical aspects of medicine. These will include photographs or pictures of hospitals or aid posts, groups or individual doctors, nurses or photographs or pictures of other members of army medical corps such as stretcher bearers.
  5. Modern articles written specifically for the Medical Front, concerning medical aspects of WWI, or short biographical sketches of doctors or nurses.




Contributions to the new section are being actively sought and will be very welcome. Of necessity there are a few caveats:-

Copyright permission is essential for items 1, 2, 3 and 4. Nothing can be published without the permission of the owners of any copyright..

We are endeavouring to maintain the quality of the modern articles that will be published in the site at the same quality that is required for academic or professional journals. This means that all contributions will need to be referenced and, as with academic or professional journals, we reserve the right to submit any article to our panel of medical historical referees.


For further information, or for correspondence,
please contact Dr Geoffrey Miller

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