Battles of Coronel and the Falklands - a Pictorial Look

Cliff McMullen ( has assembled this pictorial record of the two battles from several sources. Click on each thumbnail for a full-sized view. Note the photograph of Admiral von Spee.

Coronel - Plan of the Action

The Last Known Photograph of HMS Good Hope

HMS Good Hope

HMS Monmouth

HMS Glasgow

HMS Otranto

SMS Scharnhorst

Scharnhorst's forecastle

SMS Gneisenau

SMS Leipzig

SMS Dresden

a model of SMS Dresden

SMS Nurnberg

The German Squadron at Valparaiso before leaving for the Falkland Islands

The Last Photograph of Admiral Graf von Spee

The Approach of Admiral Spee's Force

HMS Inflexible

HMS Invincible

HMS Canopus

HMS Kent

HMS Carnarvon

HMS Macedonia

Opening Stage of the Battle

Plan of the Pursuit

Glasgow and Cornwall sink SMS Leipzig

End of the Scharnhorst
Kent sinking Nurnberg

Last Updated: 12 February, 2002.

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