Austro-Hungarian Danube Flotilla 1914

Contribued by Richard Spence (, the source being the "Kriegsgliederung" supplement to Vol. 1 of the Austrian official history Osterreich-Ungarns letzter Krieg.

In August 1914 the Donauflottille (Kmdt.: Fregattenkapitan Friedrich Grund) consisted of:

On the Danube:
1 Monitorgruppe: "Temes" (flagship) and "Bodrog" plus Patrouillenboot "B" and "F"

2 Monitorgruppe: "Szamos" and "Koros"; P-boot "C"
13 additional support ships/boats

Patrouillenbootsstation Pancsova: P-boot "D" and "G"

On the Sava:

Monitorgruppe: "Maros" and "Leitha"; P-boot "H"
3 support ships.

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