French Navy Deployment, Mediterranean 1914

This list of French ships, as of the outbreak of the war was contributed by Yves Buffetaut (, with his own comments interspersed.

La premiere armee navale (1st Naval Army)
Flagship : battleship Amiral Courbet (23,500 t)
1re escadre : 6 Danton class battleships (18,000 t)
2e escadre : 5 Patrie class battleships (15,000 t)
1re division legere : 4 armoured cruisers (13,000 to 14,000 t)
2e division legere : 3 armoured cruisers (13,000 t)
Division de complement : old battleships (12,000 t) : Suffren, Saint-Louis, Gaulois, Bouvet
Division speciale : 2 old battleships, 4 armoured cruisers et 3 light cruisers
6 escadrilles each with 6 super-destroyers
2 escadrilles each with 8 submarines

Escadrilles and escadres can be translated by squadrons, the escadre being bigger than the escadrille.
Legere means light

The only good modern ships were the Courbet and the super-destroyers. The Danton class was made of semi-dreadnoughts ships. The Patrie are less good and all that comes under the name Complement Division or Special Division was near rubbish. The submarines weren't good.

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