Battle of Jutland - Commonwealth Casualties

Using The Naval Who's Who, 1917 (reprinted by J. B. Hayward & Son, 1981) as a source, the following casualties from Australia and Canada have been extracted. No others within that volume have been found (and note that the lists of lower deck casualties do include branch of service (RNVR, RMA, etc), so if there had been any Dominion casualties they would probably have been listed).

Naturally, if any Canadians/Australians/New Zealanders etc had entered *directly* into the RN, they would have no distinguishing identity in the list. Although not a casualty, a good example of this is Lieutenant Frederick Thornton Peters, who won the DSO (Distinguished Service Order) for his service in HMS Meteor at the Battle of the Dogger Bank. He was a Canadian, born in Prince Edward Island, and entered directly into the Royal Navy. He would eventually go on to win the Victoria Cross. (This information on Captain F. T. Peters, VC, DSO, DSC*, DSC (USA) is based on "Schober's Quiz" in the Autumn 1998 issue of Starshell).

Ric Pelvin, posting on MARHST-L in June 2007 has provided additional information on Australian casualties, using information from the Australian War Memorial's Roll of Honour and Commemorative Roll, reposted here by permission.

HMS Black Prince
AB Charles Dolphin RN (Australian)
HMS Indefatigable
Eng.-Lieut. Stanley N. de Quetteville, RCN
HMS Defence
Sub.-Lieut. George H. Paterson, RAN
Acting Sub.-Lieut. Joseph Mack, RAN
AB William Furneaux RN (Australian)
Stoker 2nd Class Mortimer Froude RN (Australian)
HMS Queen Mary
CPO Ernest Catt RN (Australian)
(rank unknown) Edward Hatton RN (Australian)
HMS Shark
Surgeon Probationer Robert Walker RNVR (Australian)

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