Photographs by Kapitän zur See Karl Boy-Ed, 1913

These photographs were taken by Kapitän zur See Karl Boy-Ed, Imperial German Navy, during the 1913 Autumn manoeuvers at the mouth of the Weser River. Kindly contributed by Herr Gerhard Friedrich Dose. Stuart Haller has provided some additional commentary:

These are, of course, photos of the I. Aufklärungsgruppe under K.Adm. Hipper SMS Seydlitz was not flagship yet, but rather SMS Moltke. SMS Hela was a tender for the I.A.G.

KzS Hartog was kommandant of the I. Torpedodivision at Kiel during 1913, so he might just be an observer, if it is him.

F.Kpt. Karl Boy-Ed was the naval attaché in Washington D.C., so I¹m not sure what he would be doing taking photos, but again, an observer.

As far as F.Kpt 'Beue', I found a F.Kpt. Bene at Werft Danzig in charge of the zentralabteilung.

I can find no Overdieck, except for a FzS Overdyck who should have been at the Marineschule, not on maneuvers, unless they included such at maneuvers.

So probably if the captions are accurate we are looking at observers on the newest battlecruiser at the annual maneuvers of the Hochseeflotte.

Hela in the smoke of the Seydlitz

View of the Seydlitz in line-astern

Line Ahead in the North Sea

Cruiser Köln at Brunsbüttel

Battle cruiser Moltke, taken into the sun

Moltke and Hela at the Weser lightship

Crew of Seydlitz exercising in front of the guns

Forward funnel of Seydlitz

Sailors drilling in Seydlitz

Seydlitz at the Weser fireship - from left, Hartog, Beue and Overdieck

Captain Beue of SMS Seydlitz

Seydlitz: Hartog and Beue

U7's successful "attack" on Seydlitz, near Helgoland

Postcard of SMS Moltke

SS President Grant

A tender in the North Sea

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