Royal Navy Hulks Overseas, 1800-1976

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Overseas Bases and Dockyards

This list is based on that in David Lyon, The Sailing Navy List 1688-1860, Conway Maritime Press, London, 1993 This book is a vast and unsurpassed compilation on all British sailing warships which has an appendix on hulked warships on pages 336-349 Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy, 2nd edition, Maritime Books, Liskeard, Cornwall,2000. This book covers all warships used on harbour duties as well as 'stone frigates'. It includes seagoing warships in temporary use as depot ships etc, as well as airbases.

Hulks are listed under location, and in chronological order, starting in 1800.

  Guerier             ex French 74   1798-1810
  San Juan Nepomuceno ex Spanish 74  1805-1818
  Reindeer            ex brig        1841-1857 guard ship
  Owen Glendower      ex 36 frigate  1842-1884 convict ship
  Samarang            ex 28          1847-1883 guard ship
  Euryalus            ex 36          1847-1860 convict ship transferred from
  Cormorant           sloop          1889-1949 base ship 1946=Rooke
  Rupert              turret ship    1895-1902 guard ship
  Devastation         turret ship    1898-1902 guard ship
  Plover              gunboat        1905-1928 boom defence 1925=Banterer
  Rapid               corvette       1906-1948 accommodation ship
  Hercules            battleship     1906-1915 accommodation ship 1909=Calcutta

  Dego                ex French 60?  1800-1802 prison ship
  Trident             ex 64          1808-1816 receiving ship
  Ceylon              ex frigate     1832-1857 receiving ship
  Hibernia            ex 120         1855-1902 guard ship/receiving ship
  Egmont              ex Achilles    1902-1914 base ship
  Egmont              ex Firefly     1914-1931 base ship
  Egmont              ex Bullfrog    1931-1933 base ship

  Conflict            ex brig        1830s-1841receiving ship
  Isis                ex 50          1861-1867 coal depot

  Tortoise            ex?            1811-1863 receiving ship
  Independencia       ex slaver      1811-1846? Coal hulk
  Meander             ex 38          1857-1870 coal & store ship
  Flora               ex 36          1865-1871 store ship

  Camel               ex storeship   1819-1831?
  Abundance           ex storeship   1819-1821 never sent?

  Broaderscarp        ex Dutch 54    1800-1803
  Badger              ex brig        1834-1860 receiving ship
  Pacific             ex mercantile  1845-1867 light vessel & receiving ship
  Seringapatam        ex 38          1847-1873 receiving ship
  Swift               ex brig        1861-1866 mooring vessel
  Flora               ex 36          1872-1891 ex Ascension Island-receiving ship
  Penelope            battleship     1889-1914 guard ship/prison hulk 1897-
  Monarch             battleship     1897-1905 guard ship  1902=Simoon
  Nubian              ex Procida     1901-1912 coal hulk
  Thames              cruiser        1920-1947 TS as General Botha

  London              ex 90          1874-1884 harbour storeship

  Arrogant            ex 74          1807-1810
  Arrogant            ex mercantile  1809-1824 sheer hulk
  Abyssinia           turret ship    1870-1903 guard ship
  Magdala             turret ship    1870-1904 guard ship
  Dalhousie           troopship      1919-1976 receiving ship  temp Karachi 1944-45
  Dufferin            troopship 1927-1955

  Challenger          ex brig        1819-1824 'to receive rice'
  Orlando             ex 36          1819-1824 hospital ship
  Arrogant            sheer hulk     1824-1842 ex Bombay
  Saphire             ex 28          1847-1864 receiving ship

  Terror              monitor        1933-1939 base ship
  Laburnum            sloop          1935-1942 drill ship
  Test                frigate        1947-1950 accommodation ship
  Michael             minesweeper    1950-1956 drill ship

  Minden              ex 74          1842-1861 seamen's hospital
  Alligator           ex 28          1848-1865 seamen's hospital
  Hercules            ex 74          1853-1865 army depot
  Melville            ex 74          1857-1873 hospital ship
  Princess Charlotte  ex 110         1857-1875 barracks
  Victor Emmanuel     battleship     1860-1897 base ship
  Meeanee             ex 80          1867-1906 army hospital
  Flamer              gunboat        1868-1874 hospital ship
  Opossum             gunboat        1875-1896 hospital ship/mooring hulk 1895=Siren
  Wivern              turret ship    1880-1920 guard ship/depot ship
  Tamar               troopship 1897-1941 base ship
  Rosario             sloop          1910-1921 submarine depot ship
  Cornflower          sloop          1934-1941 drill ship
  Lysander            minesweeper    1950-1951 drill ship Cornflower

  Acorn               ex brig        1867-1869 hospital ship

  Anson               ex 74          1843-1851 convict ship

  Nelson              battleship     1867-1928 floating battery/storage hulk
  Cerberus            turret ship    1870-1926 guard ship 1900 to hulk

  Pioneer             cruiser        1919-1926 accommodation ship

  Centurion           ex 50          1808-1824 hospital ship
  Inflexible          ex 64          1809-1820 floating magazine
  Success             ex 32          1813-1820 prison hulk
  Pyramus             ex 36          1832-1879 receiving ship & convict ship
  Netley              ex revenue cutter 1840s-1859  buoy boat
  Niobe               cruiser        1910-1920 depot ship
  (NB:  commissioned into the RCN in 1910, she served at sea during
  the first couple years of the war).

  Calypso             sloop          1902-1922 drill ship  1916=Briton

  Ruby                ex 64          1811-1821 depot ship
  Ardent              ex 64          1813-1824 prison ship
  Romulus             ex 36          1813-1816 hospital ship
  Romney              ex 50          1820-1837 hospital ship
  Antelope            ex 50          1823-1848 convict ship
  Royal Oak           ex 74          1825-1850 receiving ship
  Dromedary           ex store ship  1825-1864 convict ship
  Resolute            ex brig        1826-1852 diving bell
  Despatch            ex transport   1826-1846 receiving ship/slop ship
  Dotterel            ex brig        1827-1848 receiving ship
  Coromandel          ex 56          1827-1853 convict ship
  Weymouth            ex 44          1828-1865 receiving ship/convict ship
  Slaney              ex 28          1830-1838
  Tenedos             ex 38          1843-1875 convict ship
  Thames              ex 38          1844-1863 convict ship
  Medway              ex 74          1847-1865 convict ship
  Terror              floating battery    1857-1901 base ship
  Virginia            barque         1862-1866 coal hulk
  Irresistible        battleship     1868-1894 depot ship
  Scorpion            turret ship    1869-1901 guard ship
  Minstrel            gunboat        1874-1902 coal hulk
  Forward             gunboat        1892-1904 coal hulk
  Shah                frigate        1895-1919 receiving ship/coal hulk
  Hotspur             turret ship    1897-1903 guard ship
  Malabar             troopship 1897-1918 base ship 1901=Terror
  Rupert              turret ship    1904-1907 guard ship

  Vestal              ex 28          1814-1816 prison ship

  Romney              ex 50          1837-1845 receiving ship for freed slaves

  Vorsechterkite      Dutch brig     1800-1802?     Store ship

  Clair               French schooner1802-1879?     Receiving ship

  Admiral de Vreis    Dutch 64       1798-1806 receiving ship
  Shark               sloop          1807?-1818     receiving ship
  Coromandel          ex 56          1807-1813 army convalescent ship
  Thrush              ex sloop       1809-1815 gunpowder depot
  Barbados            ex US brig     1813-1815 powder ship
  Serapis             ex 44          1819-11826     convalescent ship
  Magnificent         ex 74          1825-1843 receiving ship
  Galatea             ex 36          1836-1849 receiving ship & coal depot
  Imaun               donated 70     1842-1862 receiving ship
  Marianne            ex slaver      1858-1867 receiving ship
  Kingston            ex slaver      1858-1867 bathing place
  Aboukir             2nd rate       1861-1877 receiving ship
  Urgent              troopship 1877-1903 depot ship

  De Ruyter           ex Dutch 64    1801?-1804     prison ship
  Minerva             ex mercantile  1803-1811 prison hospital ship
  Antigua             ex French 1804-1816 prison ship
  Spider              ex Spanish     1813-1815 station ship, St Johns Harbour

  Crescent            ex 38          1840-1854 receiving ship for freed slaves
  Madagascar          ex 38          1853-1863 receiving ship
  Egmont              ex 74          1863-1875 store ship

  Triad               ex cutter      1840s?-1848    coal depot
  Naiad               ex 38          1847-1866 coal depot

  Nereus              ex 38          1843-1879 coal depot

  Liffey              ex 50          1877-1903

  Philomel            cruiser        1921-1949 depot ship

  Rainbow             cruiser        1910-1920 base ship
  (NB:  she was commissioned into the RCN in 1910, and was at
  sea for the first couple years of the war).
  Algerine            sloop          1914-1924 base ship

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