Special Badges Worn by British Vessels

Various British Empire/Commonwealth Officials had the right to have special "badges" on the flags flown by the vessels they were in. This list has been taken from the 1913 edition of the Handbook of Signalling, printed by the Admiralty.

Located in the Centre of the Union Flag

Diplomatic Officers (while on shore and afloat):

[diplomatic officers]

Governors of Colonies (while afloat):


Military Authorities (afloat):

[military authorities]

In the Fly of the Blue Ensign

Consular Officers (afloat):

[consular officers]

All Other Military Servies including Staff Officers:

[misc. military services]





Post Office:

[post office]

War Office - Ordnance and Royal Artillery:


War Office - Royal Engineers:


Naval Ordnance Department:


which also had the anchor shown below under the Jack (more properly "below the canton",or "in the third quarter") - thanks to David.Prothero (dprothero@tesco.net) for pointing this out:


Fishery Board for Scotland:


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