United States Navy Railway Batteries

[photo06]The Complete Gun Train (292k)

These photos, contributed by Brooks Rowlett (brooksar@indy.net), illustrate the large calibre (14") naval guns, known as railway guns, which served on the Western Front. The bulk of the photos are taken from The United States Railway Batteries in France, (Naval Historical Center, Washington DC, 1988). Another good source (if you can find it!) is the article Development of America's Large Bore Mobile Guns by Robert D. Fritz, in the Number 2, 1973 issue of Warship International.

For performance, only "thumbnails" are shown below. Click on the images to get an enlargement (JPEG format).

[photo01]14" Gun (86k)

[photo02]14" Gun in Position (174k)

[photo03]7" Gun Tractor (86k)

[photo04]7" Gun Tractor (rear view) (77k)

[photo05]The Effects... (154k)

[photo07]A Survivor, preserved at Dahlgren, VA (48k)

[photo08]Unloading at St. Nazaire (47k)

[photo09]St. Nazaire Workshop (60k)

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