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Marshal Foch greets the King of England at the front - 3b44277v.jpg US President Woodrow Wilson - 0185.jpg US Secretary of State Robert Lansing - 0186.jpg US Secretary of War Newton Baker - 0187.jpg
US Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels - 0188.jpg William Graves Sharp, US Ambassador to France - 0189.jpg Walter Hines Page, US Ambassador to Great Britain - 0190.jpg Henry Morgenthau, US Ambassador to Turkey - 0191.jpg
James Gerard, US Ambassador to Germany - 0192.jpg John W. Davis, US Ambassador to Great Britain - 0193.jpg David R. Francis, US Ambassador to Russia - 0194.jpg Frederic C. Penfield, US Ambassador to Austria - 0195.jpg
Brad Whitlock, US Ambassador to Belgium - 0196.jpg Thomas Nelson Page, US Ambassador to Italy - 0197.jpg French President Raymond Poincare - 0233.jpg French Prime Minister Rene Viviani - 0234.jpg
J. J. Jusserand, French Ambassador to the US - 0235.jpg Jules Cambon, French Ambassador to Germany - 0236.jpg French Minister of State, Denys Cochin - 0237.jpg King George V of England - 0250.jpg
British Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith - 0251.jpg British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour - 0252.jpg British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey - 0253.jpg British First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill - 0254.jpg
South African Prime Minister Louis Botha - 0263.jpg Belgian Secretary of State Emil Vandervelde - 0279.jpg Belgian King Albert I - 0280.jpg Italian Premier Paolo Boselli - 0281.jpg
Baron Sidney Sonnino, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs - 0282.jpg Italian Premier Vittorio Orlando - 0283.jpg Italian Premier Antonio Salandra - 0284.jpg Italian King Vittorio Emmanuele III - 0285.jpg
Prince Alexander of Serbia - 0293.jpg Serbian Premier Nicolai Pasic - 0294.jpg Serbian King Peter - 0295.jpg Romanian King Ferdinand - 0297.jpg
Greek Premier Stephanos Skouloudis - 0298.jpg King Nicholas of Montenegro - 0301.jpg Greek Queen Sophia - 0303.jpg Greek King Alexander - 0304.jpg
Greek King Constantine- 0305.jpg Portuguese President Bernardino Machado - 0306.jpg Polish Provisional President Ignace Daszynski - 0308.jpg Polish diplomat Ignacy Jan Paderewski - 0309.jpg
0311.jpg Portuguese President Sidonio Paes - 0312.jpg Emperor Yuan-Shih-Kai of China - 0314.jpg Chinese President Li Yuan-Hang - 0315.jpg
Japanese Prime Minister Terauchi Masatake - 0316.jpg Kikujiro Ishii, Japanese Ambassador to the US - 0317.jpg King Vajiravudh of Siam - 0318.jpg Czar Nicholas II of Russia - 0324.jpg
Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky, Head of the Russian Provisional Government - 0327.jpg Prince George E. Lvoff, Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government - 0328.jpg German Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm - 0329.jpg German Kaiser Wilhelm II - 0330.jpg
0331.jpg King William II of Wurttemberg - 0332.jpg 0333.jpg Grand Duke Ernest Ludwign of Hesse - 0334.jpg
0335.jpg German Chancellor Theodore von Bethmann Hollweg - 0336.jpg Count Johann Heinrich von Bernsdorff, German Ambassador to the US - 0337.jpg German Chancellor Count Georg von Hertling - 0338.jpg
Dr. Richard von Kuehlmann, German Secretary for Foreign Affairs - 0339.jpg German Chancellor Prince Maximilian of Baden - 0340.jpg Gottlieb von Jagow, German Secretary for Foreign Affairs - 0341.jpg Austrian Emperor Karl I - 0361.jpg
Austrian Emperor Franz Josef - 0362.jpg Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria - 0363.jpg Count Ottokar T Czernin von und zu Chudenitz, Austrian Foreign Minister - 0366.jpg Hungarian President Michael Karolyi - 0367.jpg
Count Istvan Burian von Rajecz, Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister - 0368.jpg Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria - 0375.jpg King Boris III of Bulgaria - 0376.jpg Sultan Mohammed V of Turkey - 0378.jpg
Enver Pasha, Turkish Minister of War - 0379.jpg Swiss President Edmund Schulthess - 0383.jpg King Haakon VII of Norway - 0384.jpg King Christian X of Denmark - 0385.jpg
King Gustav V of Sweden - 0386.jpg King George V inspecting troops - 00590.jpg King George V of England with General Sir William Robertson, Chief of the Imperial General Staff - 00844.jpg King Leopold of Bavaria bidding farewell to Landsturm officers - 00983.jpg
King Peter of Serbia traveling into exile by oxcart - 00997.jpg Austrian Emperor Karl and German Kaiser Wilhelm II discussing military situation on the Italian front - 01005.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II attending memorial services for Austrian Emperor Franz Josef - 01011.jpg Archduke Friedrich, Commander-in-Chief of the Austro-Hungarian Army, reviewing German troops - 01013.jpg
Belgian King Albert inspecting troops on the seacoast - 01017.jpg Czar Nicholas II of Russia at a luncheon behind the lines in southwestern Russia - 01021.jpg King Ludwig of Bavaria attending the opening of a hospital in Munich - 01022.jpg German Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm and King Wilhelm of Wurtemberg reviewing troops - 01024.jpg
King George V of England inspecting a munitions factory - 01030.jpg Russian Imperial family with the staff of a hospital near Warsaw - 01064.jpg King Albert of Belgium greeting US General John J. Pershing - 01077.jpg German Emperor and Crown Prince at headquarters in the Argonne Forest - 01086.jpg
Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand - 01098.jpg Sophie von Hohenstein, wife of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand - 01099.jpg Russian Grand Duke Nicholas - 01143.jpg Russian Grand Duke Nicholas - 01184.jpg
King George, Gen. John J. Pershing and staff on way to the reviewing and decoration field, Molliens Aux Bois, Somme, France, Aug 6th, 1918 - 01357.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and King George V of England riding together on a London street - 01705.jpg Kaiser and Kaiserin of Germany - 01719.jpg Funeral procession of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - 01724.jpg
King Albert of Belgium - 1725.jpg 01784.jpg Kaiser Wilhlem II and British First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill reviewing troops - 01839.jpg King Albert of Belgium - 01841.jpg
(Lieutenant) The Prince of Wales with men of his Grenadier Guards company - 01843.jpg Czar Nicholas II displaying an ikon to Russian troops - 01846.jpg Funeral procession of Archduke Franz Ferdinand passing through Sarajevo - 01885.jpg Kaiser Wilhlem II and his sons - 01896.jpg
Kaiser Wilhlem II directing machinegun tests - 01898.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II at wargames a few months prior to the outbreak of war - 01899.jpg Kaiser Wilhlem II with General Helmut von Moltke, Chief of the German General Staff - 01900.jpg First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill with Field Marshal Sir John French - 01901.jpg
King Nicholas of Montenegro - 01904.jpg Grand Duke Friedrich II of Baden - 01994.jpg German Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm at mess in the field - 02002.jpg Viennese mourners waiting to view the bodies of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie - 02105.jpg
Viennese mourners waiting to view the bodies of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie Hohenstein - 02106.jpg President Poincare and Prime Minister Rene Viviani embarking at Dunkirk for Russia - 02108.jpg President Poincare and Czar Nicholas II reviewing Russian troops upon the former's arrival in Cronstadt - 02109.jpg Russian artillery passing in review for President Raymond Poincare of France, Krasnoye-Selo, 07/23/1914 - 02110.jpg
Count Nikolaus Szécsen von Temerin, Austro-Hungarian ambassador to France, with embassy staff, Paris - 02111.jpg Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria - 02187.jpg French President Raymond Poincare riding a tram on an inspection tour of the Woerve and Verdun sectors - 02321.jpg President Poincare decorating Charles Roques, the new French Minister of War - 02339.jpg
Kaiser Wilhelm II entering the bomarded East Prussian town of Lyck after the Russians had been driven out - 02341.jpg Crown Prince Alexander and members of the Serbian cabinet arriving at Dijon, France - 02351.jpg King Feredinand of Bulgaria posing for a motion picture photographer on a visit to Austrian headquarters in Serbia - 02366.jpg Czarina Alexandra and daughters as Red Cross nurses - 02367.jpg
Prince Alexander of Serbia, accompanied by President Poincare of France, talking to a French soldier - 02370.jpg Emperor Yoshihito of Japan reviewing his troops on a parade field in Tokyo - 02375.jpg US President Wilson and the First Lady leaving the White House - 02393.jpg The Duchess of Connaught and Princess Patricia reviewing Hospital Corps recruited from McGill University, Montreal - 02414.jpg
The French mission, headed by Vice Premier Viviani and Marshal Joffre, arriving at the University of Chicago - 02429.jpg Entire British mission to the US, assembled in front of the Breckenridge Long residence, Washington, DC - 02431.jpg Entire French mission to the US, assembled in front of the Breckenridge Long residence, Washington, DC - 02432.jpg Members of the French mission to the US reviewing GAR Civil War veterans at the Lafayette Statue, Prospect Park, Brooklyn - 02448.jpg
Members of the French mission to the US, along with NY City officials, leaving Grant's Tomb - 02449.jpg
File Name File Name File Name File Name
Queen Marie of Roumania and children with Crown Prince of Germany - 4561v.jpg Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Germany - 06418v.jpg Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Germany - 06509v.jpg Children of Czar Nicholas II: Grand Duchesses Tatiana, Marie, Anastasia, Olga, and Czarevitch - 06531v.jpg
Russian Ambassador to US Boris Bakhmeteff & wife - 07156v.jpg Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria - 07765v.jpg King Nicholas of Montenegro - 07826v.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II congratulated on his birthday Grand Admiral Tirpitz - 08970v.jpg
Kaiser Wilhlem II inspecting troops - 09068v.jpg The German Imperial Family - 09111v.jpg Princess Viktoria Luise (right) and Crown Princess of Germany - 10988v.jpg King Peter of Serbia welcomed by the mayor of Uskub - 11031v.jpg
Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria - 11458v.jpg King Peter of Serbia at Uskub - 12350v.jpg The Russian Imperial Family - 14685v.jpg US Naval Secretary Daniels, 5 minutes after sending blockade order to Adm. Fletcher - 15828v.jpg
Kaiser Wilhelm II reviewing troops - 16663v.jpg Czar Nicholas II of Russia - 16853v.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II and sons - 16918v.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II and sons - 16968v.jpg
Czar Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany - 17350v.jpg Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Germany - 17693v.jpg Archduke Karl Franz Josef in Przemysl Fort - 18143v.jpg Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Germany - 18343v.jpg
Kaiser Wilhelm II reviewing troops - 18678v.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II in the field - 18680v.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II awarding the Iron Cross to aviators - 19676v.jpg Russian Czar Nicholas II, Grand Duke Nicholas and Count Dobrinsky at front 0 19786v.jpg
King Peter of Serbia - 20210v.jpg Czar Ferdinand and Prince Boris of Bulgaria - 20323v.jpg Russian Czar & Czarewitch at front [reviewing Cossacks] - 20359v.jpg Kaiser Wilhelm II and staff officers - 20477v.jpg
British War Cabinet - 24417v.jpg King George V inspecting a US ship at Liverpool - 24632v.jpg King George V reviewing Australian troops - 24757v.jpg King George V watching trench bombing - 25068v.jpg
King George V decorating a French Colonel - 25074v.jpg Japanese Prime Minister Count Masatake Terauchi with British and Russian Ambassadors - 25120v.jpg King George V inspecting German body armor - 25152v.jpg King Ferdinand of Rumania - 26330v.jpg
King Albert of Belgium & French General Ferdinand Foch - 27599v.jpg Peace Conference Delegates: Foch, Clemenceau, Lloyd George, Orlando, Sunnino - 28374v.jpg King Albert and Queen Elizabeth of Belgium with US General Pershing - 28876v.jpg British royal family - 28894v.jpg
Count Johann Heinrich von Bernstorff - German ambassador to the US - 37165v.jpg