Image Use Policy

Permission is granted to use the images from this site for any purpose provided that the end user agrees to the following stipulations:

  • Images used must be credited to the archive. In the case of images used on the web, such credit should constitute an HTML link to the Photos of The Great War index page as follows:

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    For images published in other media (books, magazines, etc.), refer to Modern Language Association Documentation Style for Citing Sources from the World Wide Web.

  • Please notify the site administrator of any projects utilizing images from this site and, whenever possible, provide a link to or a copy of the finished product.

  • The owner of Photos of The Great War will at no time be able to provide "hard" copies (i.e., photocopies, negatives, etc.) of any images on the site, however, should a higher-resolution or larger scan of an image be required, effort will be made toward accommodation.

  • All copyright issues are the responsibility of the end user. The bulk of these photos have been scanned, in good faith, from publications with elapsed copyrights. Many photos are taken from government sources and are therefore already public property, while other images (particularly those in the War Albums) have been contributed by users, who retain copyright for them. While every effort has been made to ensure that the photos presented here are in the public domain, it is strongly suggested that you verify the copyright status before using any of these images for commercial purposes. To facilitate this, and to render credit to original sources, all images have been provided with source information.

    Please direct all queries to the Photos of The Great War site administrator, Ray Mentzer.