Robert Bacon, Assistant Secretary of State

Captain Daniel C. Bacon, grandfather of Robert Bacon

The Gamecock commanded by Captain Daniel C. Bacon

Mrs. William. B. Bacon, mother of Robert Bacon

Robert Bacon at the age of two

Birthplace of Robert Bacon, Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Robert Bacon, Harvard undergraduate

Robert Bacon, 1880

William B. Bacon, father of Robert Bacon

The Harvard Crew, Robert Bacon rowing seven

Elihu Root, Secretary of State

In the courtyard of the Palace at Havana, Cuba

The last photograph of the Roosevelt Cabinet with Mr. Bacon as Secretary of State

Certificate of the "Tennis Cabinet"

Place des Invalides during the Flood, winter of 1910

The American Embassy during the Flood

Colonel Roosevelt seeing the sights of Paris

Theodore Roosevelt, portrait by Laszlo

Robert Bacon, Ambassador to France

Ambassador Bacon and Baron D'Estournelles de Constant

Robert Bacon at home, Westbury, Long Island

American Ambulance Hospital

Robert Bacon, in the service of the R. A. M. C.

Fère en Tardenois, where Mr. Bacon got his first wounded, 1914

Robert Bacon at Plattsburg

Robert Bacon at Plattsburg in 1915

Military Drill, Plattsburg

Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig

Château de Brunehautpré, Montreuil

Colonel Wagstaff of the British Army with Colonel Bacon at Montreuil

The battlefield of St. Quentin

Col. Robert Bacon and Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig

General Pétain presenting the Legion d'Honneur

First American recipients of the Legion d'Honneur

Lunch in the open, on top of the tunnel of the Canal de St. Quentin

Mr. and Mrs. Bacon and their grandchildren

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