James R. Judd


American Automobiles ready to go to railway stations for wounded..

A Decoration at Neuilly .

The last three British Tommies at the American Ambulance cared for by American nurses

After the decoration of the Zouave and his famous dog which dug him out of an exploded mine

American Ambulance branch hospital in the College of Juilly

School boys of the College of Juilly .

A Cemetery of German dead on the battlefield of the Marne, cared for by the French Government

Dr. and Mrs. Judd with a group of poilus and nurses at Juilly

Breton peasants who have come to visit their son who is badly wounded

A ward decorated for Christmas

German "Kultur" at Senlis.

Crucifix in the hospital at Senlis, surrounded by bullet holes made by German guns

Where an officer and fourteen of his men are buried on the battlefield of the Marne

Where the Germans burned two thousand dead at Poligny

American Aviators, Prince, McConnell and Rockwell

Decoration of sixteen heroes from Verdun

A funeral procession going from the hospital to the village church

A soldier's burial

French peasants at the bedside of their wounded son



The ruined village of Souain

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