1. St. Luke xix.

2. Epistle to the Corinthians x.

3. PS.---This is precisely what is affirmed as to the village of Nomeny, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, in the French Official Report on German atrocities. (See l'Officiel of 8th January, 1915),

4. P.S.---After three months of silence, the young Zouave let us know, at the end of October, that he was a prisoner in Germany. May such an example give hope to some families.

5. See Les Crimes Allemands, d'après les témoignages Allemands, by Joseph Bédier, in the collection of Études et Documents sur la Guerre (Librairie Armand Colin).

6. According to some statistics we should have one killed for fifteen wounded in the infantry, and one for five in the artillery (our cavalry has suffered little so far). The reason is that heavy German artillery always aims at ours so as to destroy it, and never at the infantry. Now, the splinters of its big shells are extremely dangerous, while the bullets of the rifles and mitrailleuses produce slight wounds that heal easily if they are taken in time. As to the shells of the field guns they appear but little efficacious.

7. They treated the non-commissioned officer better, either because of his rank or because he was weaker. Before joining the others in the open shed, his wounds were dressed in a tent, and an assistant-surgeon gave him two cups of very hot chocolate.

8. P.S.---Thanks to preventive injections of serum, cases of tetanus have become very rare.

9. P.S., Feb. 6.---The English people, and that great upright man, have done twice as much as was promised. It was at the beginning of the seventh month that he had got together two million men and was calling for a third.

10. PS.---Since these lines were written, information has been received which would make me less assured of the sympathy of Spain, or ratherof certain Spanish groups.

11. PS---Since permission has been given for their removal, another difficulty remains in the case of poor people ---the cost of transport; and one must return without the precious remains....

12. Henri de Tourville, in his preface to La question ouvrière en Angleterre, by Paul de Rousiers (Librairie Firmin Didot).

13. PS. of 25th January.---Such cases are no longer rare. In December, there even came back to us an officer who had been cured in our hospital, and who had kept so pleasant a memory of it that, when he was again wounded, he asked to be sent back to it.

14. PS. of 25th January.---A million francs has been sent to the committee by Mrs. Harry P. Whitney, and has been used for the establishment of an affiliated hospital in the College at Juilly in Seine-et-Marne. There are already two hundred beds there, and it can provide four hundred. New proposals are being made to the committee, who have them under consideration, for the founding of other affiliated hospitals.

15. PS.---The soldier from Mouzon of whom mention is made under the date of the 3rd November. I believed him then to be forty, judging by the signs he showed of his hard campaign and his wounds. We shall have to tell of his death on December 29.

16. Our hero's lieutenant deserved the devotion he inspired. This gallant officer had left Saint-Cyr only three years earlier, and had already been called out twice to Morocco, on the 14th August, 1913, and the 20th August, 1914. Mortally wounded in the groin in the wood of Bovette, near Soupir, on the 6th November, he had walked on fifteen metres, to fall ten metres from the German trenches. This is how l'Officiel speaks of him:

"Order of the 27th November, 1914: Lhote, Lieutenant of the 3rd Regiment Skirmishers, fell gloriously in the course of an attack, calling out to his men : 'Don't think about me ; go on ! ' "

17. PS---In the middle of January the numbers rose to 103. One party brings the wounded from different stations to our house, or even, when so wished, to other hospitals. More than half do duty at the Front, which is far from being the least useful service. How many lives would be saved if the immediate picking-up and transport of the victims of war could be assured!

18. Ch. Péguy, Morceaux choisis des Œuvres Poétiques (Librairie Paul Ollendorf) : Prière pour nous autres charnels.

19. To quote the memorable words of M. Etienne Lamy in his address at the annual public sitting of the Académie française.

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