This section of WWI/WWW offers primary and secondary resources about almost all aspects of the Great War. The work reflects the events of the time, by participants and observers.
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The Maritime War Naval action during the Great War. A multi-part presentation.
The Medical Front All aspects of medical involvement in the Great War.
Events Leading to the Outbreak of the Great War - 1870-1914
Recommended Reading Chosen by members of WWI-L.

Aaronsohn, Alexander, With the Turks in Palestine, Boston, New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1916
"Aaron Aaronsohn's Father and Sister, Victims of the Turks", 28 December 1917, New York Times.
Angell, Norman, The Great Illusion - A Study of the Relation of Military Power to National Advantage, GP Putnam's Sons, NY and London, 1910, 1911, 1913
Anonymous, In the Ranks, 1918
Arizona's War Dead: WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Southwest Asia, The Arizona Republic, 31 May 1999

Barnes, Harry E. A Critical Commentary on Ambassador Morgenthau's Story
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Bruce Lockhart, R.H. The British Agent, 1933
British & German rations, 1914 & 1916
Bryce, Viscount, The Bryce Report. The Bryce Commission's findings on German atrocities in Belgium, 1915. The Bryce Report is available in its entirety.
_____, The Treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-1916, 1916
Bullitt, William C., The Bullitt Mission to Russia: Testimony before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, 1919
Bunau-Varilla, Philippe, The Great Adventure of Panama, 1920.

Casement, Sir Roger, The Crime Against Europe: A Possible Outcome of the War of 1914, 1915
CEF: Canadian Troop Strength in Siberia, 1918-1919
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Clarke, Ida Clyde, American Women and the World War, 1918
Cocks, F. Seymour, The Secret Treaties and Understandings, Union of Democratic Control, 1918
Cunningham, Alfred A., Marine Flyer in France: The Diary of Capt. Alfred A. Cunningham, November 1917 - January 1918

Declarations of War: Dates of war declarations by country.
Davis, Richard Harding, With The Allies, 1919
Department of National Defence (Canada), The Origins of the First World War
La Deuxième Bataille de la Marne, Guides Illustrés Michelin des Champs de Bataille 1914-1918, 1919
Dunsterville, Lionel, The Private Diaries of General Lionel Dunsterville, 1911-1922

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_____, German Verse from the Trenches (auf Deutsch)
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_____, My Four Years in Germany, 1917
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Imperial Japanese Mission, The Imperial Japanese Mission, 1917, 1918 With texts of documents in appendix.
In Memoriam - The Last Anzacs
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La Marne (1914) I. L'Ourcq Guides Illustrés Michelin des Champs de Bataille 1914-1918, 1918
Martin, William, Statesmen of the War in Retrospect, 1928
Morgenthau, Henry, Ambassador Morgenthau's Story, (American Ambassador in Turkey (1913-1916)1918:
Morse, Edwin W., The Vanguard of American Volunteers, 1919
Murray, Sir Archibald, Sir Archibald Murray's Despatches (June 1916-June 1917), 1920

Page, Thomas Nelson, Italy and the World War, (American Ambassador to Italy from 1913 to 1919) 1920
Paléologue, Maurice,An Ambassador's Memoirs (Last French Ambassador to the Russian Court), 1925.
Part, Thomas Reginald, The Diary of Thomas Reginald Part An Australian Soldier Who Fought at Gallipoli and in France before being killed.
Philby, Kim, My Silent War, New York, 1968
Poirier, Athanase, Lettres du front d'Athanase Poirier, (en français)

Rawes, Edward, A Chronology of the Mediation Attempts in July 1914, 1999
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Ruoff, Henry W., Book of the War: A Concise View of its Causes, Countries Involved, Theaters of Action, Leaders and Chief Events Shown in Parallel Columns and Striking Picture Maps, 1918

Salvation Army, Original Salvation Army/World War I Doughnuts (recipe)
Scott, Emmett J., Special Assistant to the Secretary of War, The American Negro in the World War, 1919
The Soviet Encyclopaedia, Serbia Through Russian Eyes
Staley, Eugene, War and the Private Investor, 1935
Schira, William, Personal Diary, 1919.
Seeger, Alan, Letters and Diary, 1917.
_____, Poems,1916
Streeter, Edward, Dere Mable, 1918

Tardieu, André, The Truth about the Treaty, 1921
Testimony before the 102nd US Congress, November 1919, concerning the AEF experience in Russia at the end of the Great War and the possible abandonment of American POWs.
Trotzky, Leon, From October to Brest-Litovsk (Authorized Translation from the Russian), 1919

Usher, Roland G., Pan-Americanism, 1915
_____, Pan-Germanism, 1913
Union Interalliée, 1922

Villate, Robert, Foch à la Marne La 9e Armée aux Marais de Saint-Gond (6-10 septembre 1914), 1933

The War With Germany: A Statistical Summary, 1919
Weiss, André, La violation de la neutralité belge et luxembourgeoise par l'Allemagne, 1928
Wheeler, W. Reginald, China and the World War, 1919: With official documents in Appendix


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