This section of WWI/WWW offers Special Topics, commentaries and articles about almost every aspect of the Great War. The bibliographies, historical analyses and articles are the work of many different historians, and reflect current thought and closely examined, detailed evaluations of issues and events.
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Albright, Alan American Volunteerism in France, 1996
_____, American Volunteers of the Great War
Allingham, Henry, Last British Survivor of RNAS, Dies 18 July 2009, aged 113
Anonymous. (Translated by J. Koettgen) A German Deserter's War Experience, 1917.
Associated Press, The Last U.S. WWI Combat Veteran Dies at 108 (7 January 2004)
_____, Harry R. Landis, 108; One of Last U.S. Veterans of WWI. Dies at 108 (7 February 2008)
Armistice à Cap Pelé (en français)

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Bing, Olga. Gestes d'Infirmières, Croquis 1916-1917, 1917. (en français)
Brailsford, Henry Noel, The War of Steel and Gold. A Study of the Armed Peace, London, 1918 (1914)
Brown, Josie Mabel, A Winding Sheet and a Wooden Box: A Navy Nurse Recalls the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919

Camurat, Diane, The American Indian in the Great War: Real and Imagined, 1996
Canadian Veterans Affairs Department, Native Soldiers, Foreign Battlefields:The Wartime Contribution of Canada's First Peoples
Chambers, Robert W., The Slayer of Souls, GH Doran, New York, 1920. A very curious post-war novel, made remarkable by contemporary accounts of the US forces in North Russia and of the then current account of the secret wartime production of 'Lewisite' poison gas by the US Army facillity in Willoughby, Ohio.
Chapin, Harold, Soldier and Dramatist , 1916
Coffey, J. Russell, Oldest US WWI Veteran Dies, 20 December 2007
Cordasco, Ella, Recollections of the Russian Revolution (Ella Winifred Edith Woodhouse (1896-1968), daughter of H.B.M. Consul Arthur William Webster Woodhouse, Consul to St. Petersburg, 1907-1918.)
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_____, Helping France, The Red Cross in the Devastated Area, 1919. .
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Los Angeles Times Wire Service, France's Last Surviving World War I Veteran Dies (12 March 2008)

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_____, Soldier Songs of World War I
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Miller, Geoffrey, The Battle of 3rd Ypres (Passchendaele), 1996: Analysis of the battle and part of the Great Haig Debate
_____, The Death of Manfred von Richthofen: Who fired the fatal shot?, 1998
_____, Haig: Was He a Great Captain?,1996: An indictment of General Haig. Part of the Great Haig Debate
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-----, U.S. And Bolshevik Relations With The TBMM Government: 1919-1921
Patch, Harry, Last British World War I Soldier, Dies at 111, 25 July 2009
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-----, Haig: The Great Captain, A defense of General Haig. Part of the Great Haig Debate
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_____, Dicta Boelcke: Hauptman Boelcke's "Rules" for making successful fighter pilots. Annotated.
_____, Sarajevo, June 28, 1914 1997: The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
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Shotwell, James T. At the Paris Peace Conference: (Appendices IV-VII - Extracts), 1937
The Smith College/Sophia Smith Archives of World War I
The Somme, Events, Commemorations and Accounts of the Somme: The 80th Anniversary, 1 July 1916 - 1 July 1996.
Sommers, Cecil, Temporary Crusaders, 1919.
Stanley, Clair, In Memoriam, The Great War, 1997.
Stevenson, William Yorke, At The Front In A Flivver, 1917
_____, . From "Poilu to "Yank".1918.
Stone, William, Last WWI Royal Navy veteran dies at 108, 13 January 2009
Storrs, Sir Ronald, Lawrence of Arabia, Zionism and Palestine, 1940
Szápáry, Friedrich Graf, Das Verhältnis Österreich-Ungarns zu Rußland, (The Attitude of Austria-Hungary Towards Russia) - auf Deutsch -
_____ Aus Den Krisenjahren (The Years of Crisis, 1908-1913: Extract) - auf Deutsch

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The Sinking of the Tuscania, February 5, 1918

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A War Nurse's Diary. Sketches from a Belgian Field Hospital, 1918
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Rhys Williams, Albert, Through the Russian Revolution, 1921
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Yockelson, Mitchell, The War Department: Keeper of Our Nation's Enemy Aliens During World War I. The Role of the United States War Department on the 'Home Front', 1998
The Great Zeppelin Raid, January 31, 1916

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