"Arrowsmith" List: Royal Navy WWI Destroyer Pendant Numbers

Abbreviations used in the table:
cl=class, B= Builder, su=sunk, s=sold L=Launched,LD=Laid down, C=Completed.
("NK" in the pendant number indicates "not known")

Part 3

The "Acheron" class or "I" class (1911-13)

H 00 [HMS Acheron Di/cl, B:TH, L:27/06/11, (H00:06/12/14), see-(H02:01/01/18)]
H 02 [HMS Acheron ex-(H00), see-(H05:early 1919)]
H 05 [HMS Acheron ex-(H02), s:09/05/21, Ward, s:20/09/23 b:J.J. King]

H 10 [HMS Archer Di/cl, B:YG, L:21/10/11, (H10:06/12/14), see-(H29:01/09/15)]
H 29 [HMS Archer (1915) ex-(H10) see-(H06:01/01/18)]
H 06 [HMS Archer (1918) ex-(H29), s:09/05/21, Ward Rainham]

H 11 [HMS Ariel Di/cl, B:TH, L:26/09/11, (H11:06/12/14), see-(H37:01/09/15)]
H 37 [HMS Ariel ex-(H11), see(H07:01/01/18)]
H 07 [HMS Ariel ex-(H37) (1918), su:02/08/18, mine, North Sea]

H 14 [HMS Attack Di/cl, B:YG, L:21/12/11, (H14:06/12/14), see-(H86:01/09/15)]
H 86 [HMS Attack ex-(H14), su:30/12/17 by U-boat UC34, off Alexandria]

H 15 [HMS Badger Di/cl, B:HL, L:11/07/11, (H15:06/12/14), see-(H52:01/09/15)]
H 52 [HMS Badger ex-(H15), see-(H09:01/01/18)]
H 09 [HMS Badger ex-(H52), see-(H91:early 1919)]
H 91 [HMS Badger ex-(H09), (1919) s:09/05/21, Ward, Hayle]

H 17 [HMS Beaver Di/cl, B:HL, L:06/10/19, (H17:06/12/14), see-(H77:22/02/15)]
H 77 [HMS Beaver ex-(H15), see-(H66:01/09/15)]
H 66 [HMS Beaver ex-(H77), see-(H20:01/01/18)]
H 20 [HMS Beaver ex-(H66), see-(H07:early 1919)]
H 07 [HMS Beaver ex-(H20) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Hayle, s:J.J.King, b:06/23]

H 28 [HMS Defender Di/cl L:30/08/11, (H28:06/12/14), see-(H29:01/01/18)]
H 29 [HMS Defender ex-(H28), see-(H57:early 1919)]
H 57 [HMS Defender ex-(H29) (1919)]

H 33 [HMS Druid Di/cl, B:DE, L:04/12/11, (H33:06/12/14), see-(H30:01/01/18)]
H 30 [HMS Druid ex-(H33), see-(H92:early 1919)]
H 92 [HMS Druid ex-(H30), (1919) s:09/05/21, Ward, Breton Ferry]

H 35 [HMS Ferret Di/cl, B:WH, L:12/04/11, (H35:06/12/14), see-(H32:01/01/18)]
H 32 [HMS Ferret ex-(H35), see-(H93:early 1919)]
H 93 [HMS Ferret ex-(H32), (1919) s:09/05/21, Ward, Milford Haven]

H 39 [HMS Forester Di/cl, B:WH, L:01/06/11, (H39:06/12/14), see-(H34:01/01/18)]
H 34 [HMS Forester ex-(H39), see-(H58:early 1919)]
H 58 [HMS Forester ex-(H34) (1919) s:04/11/21, Rees, Llanelly]

H 45 [HMS Goshawk Di/cl, B:BE, L:18/10/21, (H45:06/12/14), see-(H37:01/01/18)]
H 37 [HMS Goshawk ex-(H45) see-(H59:early 1919)]
H 59 [HMS Goshawk ex-(H37), (1919) s:04/11/21, Rees, Llanelly]

H 47 [HMS Hind Di/cl, B:JB, L:28/07/11, (H47:06/12/14), see-(H40:01/01/18)]
H 40 [HMS Hind ex-(H47), see-(H60:early 1919)]
H 60 [HMS Hind ex-(H40), (1919), s:09/05/21 Ward, b:24 Preston]

H 49 [HMS Hornet Di/cl, B:JB, L:20/12/11, (H49:06/12/14), see-(H42:01/01/18)]
H 42 [HMS Hornet ex-(H49), see-(H08:early 1919)]
H 08 [HMS Hornet ex-(H42) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Rainham]

H 50 [HMS Hydra Di/cl, B:JB, L:19/02/12, (H50:06/12/14), see-(H43:01/01/18)]
H 43 [HMS Hydra ex-(H50), see-(H94:early 1919)]
H 94 [HMS Hydra ex-(H43) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Portishead]

H 55 [HMS Jackal Di/cl, B:HL, L:09/09/11, (H55:06/12/14), see-(H44:01/01/18)]
H 44 [HMS Jackal ex-(H55), see-(H95):early 1919)]
H 95 [HMS Jackal ex-(H44) (1919), s:28/09/20, J. Smith]

H 56 [HMS Lapwing Di/cl, B:CL, L:29/09/11, (H56:06/12/14), see-(H48:01/01/18)]
H 48 [HMS Lapwing ex-(H56), see-(H09:early 1919)]
H 09 [HMS Lapwing ex-(H48) (1919), s:26/10/21, Barking Ship Bkg Co.]

H 58 [HMS Lizard Di/cl, B:CL, L:10/10/11, (H58:06/12/14), see-(H60:01/01/18)]
H 60 [HMS Lizard ex-(H58), see-(H62:early 1919)]
H 62 [HMS Lizard ex-(H60) (1919), s:04/11/21, Rees, Llanely]

H 75 [HMS Phoenix Di/cl, B:VI, L:09/10/11, (H75:06/12/14), see-(H94)]
H 94 [HMS Phoenix ex-(H75), su:14/05/18, in Adriatic, by Austrian U-boat, XXVII]

H 87 [HMS Sandfly Di/cl, B:SH, L:09/07/11, (H87:06/12/14), see-(H99:01/01/18)]
H 99 [HMS Sandfly ex-(H87), see-(H63:early 1919)]
H 63 [HMS Sandfly ex-(H99) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, to Milford Haven:10/22]

H 92 [HMS Tigress Di/cl, B:HL, L:20/12/11, (H92:06/12/14), see-(H4A:01/01/18)]
H 4A [HMS Tigress ex-(H92), see-(H61:early 1919)]
H 61 [HMS Tigress ex-(H4A), (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, to Milford Haven:09/22]

More "Specials"

H 97 [HMS Firedrake Di/cl*, B:YG, L:09/04/12, (H97:06/12/14), see-(H33:01/01/18)]
H 33 [HMS Firedrake ex-(H97), see-(H89:early 1919)]
H 89 [HMS Firedrake ex-(H33) (1919), s:10/10/21, J. Smith]

H 01 [HMS Lurcher Di/cl*, B:YG, L:01/06/12, (H01:06/12/14, see-(H65:01/01/18)]
H 65 [HMS Lurcher ex-(H01), see-(H90:early 1919)]
H 90 [HMS Lurcher ex-(H65) (1919), s:09/06/22, Cashmore, Newport]

H 12 [HMS Oak Di/cl*, B:YG, L:05/09/12, (H12:06/12/14), see-(H38:01/09/15)]
H 38 [HMS Oak ex-(H12), see-(H92:01/01/18)]
H 92 [HMS Oak ex-(H38), see-(H56:early 1919)]

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