"Arrowsmith" List: Royal Navy WWI Destroyer Pendant Numbers

Abbreviations used in the table:
cl=class, B= Builder, su=sunk, s=sold L=Launched,LD=Laid down, C=Completed.
("NK" in the pendant number indicates "not known")

Part 4

The "Acasta" class or "K" class (1912-13)

(note: t/rnd = temporary renamed) (temporary names were dropped a "short" time later, it had been intended to renamed all Destroyers with their class names, i.e. "A", "B", "C", etc., but subsequently found to be to complicated to carry out - only the Acasta's were actually assigned new names in October 1913 - best explanation I could ascertain)

H 59 [HMS Acasta Dka/cl, B:JB, L:10/09/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS King), (H59:06/12/14), see-(H00:01/01/18)]
H 00 [HMS Acasta ex-(H59), see-(G40:early 1919)]
G 40 [HMS Acasta ex-(H00) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Hayle]

H 46 [HMS Achates Dka/cl, B:JB, L:14/11/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Knight), (H46:06/12/14),see-(H01:01/01/18)]
H 01 [HMS Achates ex-(H46), see-(H02:early 1919]
H 02 [HMS Achates ex-(H01) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Rainham]

H 62 [HMS Ambuscade Dka/cl, B:JB, L:25/01/13, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Keith), (H62:06/12/14), see-(H05:01/01/18)]
H 05 [HMS Ambuscade (1918) ex-(H62) see-(H54:early 1919)]
H 54 [HMS Ambuscade (1919) ex-(H05), s:06/09/21 Petersen & Albeck]

H 78 [HMS Ardent Dka/cl, B:DE, L:08/09/13, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kenric), (H78:06/12/14), su:01/06/16 at Battle of Jutland]

H 51 [HMS Christopher Dka/cl, B:HL, L:29/08/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kite), (H51:06/12/14), see-(H25:01/01/18)]
H 25 [HMS Christopher ex-(H51), see-(G58:early 1919)]
G 58 [HMS Christopher ex-(H25) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, s:10/23, Kings, Garston]

H 73 [HMS Cockatrice Dka/cl, B:HL, L:08/11/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kingfisher), (H73:06/12/14), see-H26:01/01/18)]
H 26 [HMS Cockatrice ex-(H73), see-(G57:early 1919)]
G 57 [HMS Cockatrice ex-(H26) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Hayle]

H 63 [HMS Contest Dka/cl, B:HL, L:07/01/13, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kittiwake), (H63:06/12/14), su:18/09/17, by U-boat SW of Ushant]

H 30 [HMS Fortune Dka/cl, B:FA, L:17/05/13, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kismet), (H30:06/12/14), su:31/05/16, Battle of Jutland]

H 32 [HMS Garland Dka/cl, B:CL, L:23/04/13, (t/rnd:10/32 HMS Kenwulf), (H32:06/12/14), see-(H36:01/01/18)]
H 36 [HMS Garland ex-(H32), see-(H55:early 1919)]
H 55 [HMS Garland ex-(H36) (1919), s:06/09/21, Petersen & Albeck]

H 67 [HMS Hardy Dka/cl, B:TH, L:10/10/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kelpie), (H67:06/12/14), see-(H39:01/01/18)]
H 39 [HMS Hardy ex-(H67), see-(H88:early 1919)]
H 88 [HMS Hardy ex-(H39) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Briton Ferry]

H 71 [HMS Lynx Dka/cl, B:HW, L:20/03/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Koodoo), (H71:06/12/14), su:09/08/15, mine, in Moray Firth]

H 13 [HMS Midge Dka/cl, B:HW, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Keitola), (H13:06/12/14). see-(H40:01/09/15)]
H 40 [HMS Midge ex-(H13), see-(H79:01/01/18)]
H 79 [HMS Midge ex-(H40), see-(H03:early 1919)]
H 03 [HMS Midge ex-(H79) (1919), s:]

H 31 [HMS Owl Dka/cl, B:HW, L:07/07/13, (t/rnd:01/13 HMS Killer), (H31:06/12/14), see-(H93:01/01/18)]
H 93 [HMS Owl ex-(H31), see-(H84 early 1919)]
H 84 [HMS Owl ex-(H93), s:05/11/21, Granton Ship Bkg, Co.]

H 26 [HMS Paragon Dka/cl B:TH, L:21/02/13, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Katrine), (H26:06/12/14), su:18/03/17, by Ger. DD, Torpedo, Dover Straits]

H 27 [HMS Porpoise Dka/cl, B:TH,L:21/07/13, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kennington), (H27:06,12,14), see-(H95:01/01/18)]
H 95 [HMS Porpoise ex-(H27), see-(H86 early 1919)]
H 86 [HMS Porpoise ex-(H95) (1919), s:23/02/20 Thornycroft, s:Brazil, rnd:Alexandrino Dealenca]

H 04 [HMS Shark Dka/cl B:SH, L:30/07/02, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kestrel), (H04:06/12/14), su:31/05/16, at Battle of Jutland]

H 61 [HMS Sparrowhawk Dka/cl, B:SH, L:12/10/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kingsmill), (H61:06/12/14), su:31/05/16, collision with HMS Broke and HMS Contest(H63), at Jutland]

H 41 [HMS Spitfire Dka/cl, B:SH, L:23/12/12, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Keppel), (H41:06/12/14), see-(H1A:01/01/18)]
H 1A [HMS Spitfire ex-(H41), see-(H85:early 1919)]
H 85 [HMS Spitfire ex-(H1A) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, arrived:10/22 Hayle]

H 68 [HMS Unity Dka/cl, B:TH, L:19/09/13, (t/rnd:01/13 HMS Kinsale), (H68:06/12/14), see-(H5A:01/01/18)]
H 5A [HMS Unity ex-(H68), see-(H87:early 1919)]
H 87 [HMS Unity ex-(H5A) (1919), s:25/10/22, Rees, Llanely]

H 36 [HMS Victor Dka/cl, B:TH, L:28/11/13, (t/rnd:10/13 HMS Kingston), (H36:06/12/14), see-(H6A:01/01/18)]
H 6A [HMS Victor ex-(H36), see-(H04:early 1919)]
H 04 [HMS Victor ex-(H6A) (1919), s:20/01/23, King, Graston]

The "L" class (1913-15)

H 94 [HMS Sarpedon Dla/cl, B:SH, L:06/06/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Laertes, (H94:06/12/14), see-(H45:01/04/18)]
H 45 [HMS Laertes ex-HMS Sarpedon, ex-(H94), see-(H80:early 1919)]
H 80 [HMS Laertes ex-(H45) (1919), s:01/12/21, Stanlee, arrived Dover 08/03/22, after stranding near Newhaven]

H 03 [HMS Florizel Dla/cl, B:FA, L:22/08/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Laforey, (H03:06/12/14), su23/03/17, British mine, in the Channel]

H 23 [HMS Daring Dla/cl, B:TH, L:25/02/14, rnd:30/09/13, HMS Lance, (H23:06/12/14), see-(H46:01/04/18)]
H 46 [HMS Lance ex-HMS Daring, ex-(H23), see-(G96:early 1919)]
G 96 [HMS Lance ex-(H46) (1919), s:05/11/21, Granton Ship Bkg Co.]

H 54 [HMS Hotspur Dla/cl, B:YG, L:07/02/14, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Landrail, (H54:06/12/14), see-(H47:01/04/18)]
H 47 [HMS Landrail ex-HMS Hotspur ex-(H54), see-(H82:early 1919)]
H 82 [HMS Landrail ex-(H47) (1919), s:01/12/21, Stanlee, Dover]

H 34 [HMS Haughty Dla/cl, B:YG, L:26/05/13, rnd:HMS Lark, (H34:06/12/14), see-(H49:01/04/18)]
H 49 [HMS Lark ex-HMS Haughty, ex-(H34), see-(H00:early 1919)]
H 00 [HMS Lark ex-(H49) (1919), s:20/01/23, Hayes, Portcawl]

G 01 [HMS Magic Dla/cl, B:BE, L:24/08/15, rnd:15/02/15 HMS Lassoo, (G01:01/09/15), su:13/08/16, mine, North Sea]

H 91 [HMS Redgauntlet Dla/cl, B:WH, L:06/05/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Laurel, (H91:06/12/14), see-(H51:01/04/18)]
H 51 [HMS Laurel ex-HMS Redgauntlet, ex-(H91), see-(G98:early 1919)]
G 98 [HMS Laurel ex-(H51) (1919), s:01/11/21, Fry Sunderland]

H 53 [HMS Hereward Dla/cl, B:YG, L:19/11/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Laverock, (H53:06/12/14), see-(H52:01/04/18)]
H 52 [HMS Laverock ex-HMS Hereward, ex-(H53),see-(G93:early 1919)]
G 93 [HMS Laverock ex-(H52), s:09/05/21, Ward, Grays]

H 06 [HMS Ivanhoe Dla/cl, B:FA, L:30/10/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Lawford, (H06:06/12/14), see-(H53:01/04/18)]
H 53 [HMS Lawford ex-HMS Ivanhoe, ex-(H06), see-(G94:early 1919)]
G 94 [HMS Lawford ex-(H53) (1919), s:24/08/22, Hayes, Porthcawl]

H 79 [HMS Viola Dla/cl, B:DE, L:03/02/14, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Legion, (H79:06/12/14), see-(H54:01/04/18)]
H 54 [HMS Legion ex-HMS Viola, ex-(H79), see-(G95:early 1919)]
G 95 [HMS Legion ex-(H54) (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, New Holland]

H 95 [HMS Portia Dla/cl, B:BE, L:17/03/14, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Lennox, (H95:06/12/14), see-(H55:01/04/18)]
H 55 [HMS Lennox ex-HMS Portia, ex-(H95), see-(H01:early 1919)]
H 01 [HMS Lennox ex-(H55) (1919), s:26/10/21, Barking Ship Bkg Co.]

H 20 [HMS Rob Roy L:cl, B:HW, L:30/10/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Leonidas, (H20:06/12/14), see-(H56:01/04/18)]
H 56 [HMS Leonidas ex-HMS Rob Roy, ex-(H20),see-(H51:early 1919)]
H 51 [HMS Leonidas ex-(H56) (1919), s:09/05/21 Ward, Hayle, b:10/22]

H 81 [HMS Rosalind Dla/cl, B:WH, L:15/09/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Liberty, (H81:06/12/14), see-(H57:01/04/18)]
H 57 [HMS Liberty ex-HMS Rosalind, ex-(H81), see-(G99:early 1919)]
G 99 [HMS Liberty ex-(H57) (1919), s:05/11/21, Granton Ship Bkg Co.]

H 43 [HMS Havock Dla/cl, B:YG, L:16/08/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Linnet, (H43:06/12/14), see-(H59:01/04/18)]
H 59 [HMS Linnet ex-HMS Havock ex-(HH43),see-(H53:early 1919)]
H 53 [HMS Linnet ex-(H59) (1919), s:04/11/21, Rees Llanely]

H 99 [HMS Picton Dla/cl, B:BE, L:30/10/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Llewellyn, (H99:06/12/14), see-(H61)]
H 61 [HMS Llewellyn ex-HMS Picton, ex-(H99),see-(H83:early 1919)]
H 83 [HMS Llewellyn ex-(H61) (1919), s:10/03/22, J. Smith]

G 06 [HMS Malice Dla/cl, B:BE, L:09/10/15, rnd:15/02/15 HMS Lochinvar, (G06:01/09/15), see-(F52:01/04/18)]
F 52 [HMS Lochinvar ex-HMS Malice, ex-(G06), see-(H49:early 1919)]
H 49 [HMS Lochinvar ex-(F52) (1919), s:25/11/21, Hayes, Porthcawl, b.]

H 24 [HMS Dragon Dla/cl, B:TH, L:27/04/14, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Lookout, (H24:06/12/14), see-(H62:01/04/18)]
H 62 [HMS Lookout ex-HMS Dragon, ex-(H24), see-(G97:early 1919)]
G 97 [HMS Lookout ex-(H62) (1919), s:24/08/22, Hayes, Porthcawl]

H 07 [HMS Talisman Dla/cl, B:FA, L:30/12/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Louis, (H07:06/12/14), su:31/10/15, wrecked Suvia Bay and destroyed by Turkish gunfire]

H 80 [HMS Orlando Dla/cl, B:DE, L:10/11/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Loyal, (H80:06/12/14), see-(H63:01/04/18)]
H 63 [HMS Loyal ex-HMS Orlando ex-(H80), see-(H50:early 1919)]
H 50 [HMS Loyal ex-(H63) (1919), s:25/11/21, Hayes, Porthcawl]

H 22 [HMS Rocket Dla/cl, B:HW, L:29/12/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Lucifer, (H22:06/12/14), see-(H64:01/04/18)]
H 64 [HMS Lucifer ex-HMS Rocket ex-(H22), see-(H52:early 1919)]
H 52 [HMS Lucifer ex-(H64) (1919), s:01/12/21, Stanlee, Dover]

H 08 [HMS Waverley Dla/cl, B:FA, L:26/02/14, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Lydiard, (H08:06/12/14), see-(H66:01/04/18)]
H 66 [HMS Lydiard ex-HMS Waverley ex-(H08), see-(G48:early 1919)]
G 48 [HMS Lydiard ex-(H66) (1919), s:05/11/21, Granton Ship Bkg Co.]

H 93 [HMS Ulysses Dla/cl, B:SH, L:18/08/13, rnd:30/09/13 HMS Lysander, (H93:06/12/14), see-(H68:01/04/18)]
H 68 [HMS Lysander ex-HMS Ulysses ex-(H93), see-(H81:early 1919)]
H 81 [HMS Lysander ex-(H68) (1919), s:09/06/22, Cashmore, Newport]

"Insect" Class

TB 1 [HMS TB 1 ex-HMS Cricket, Din/cl, B:WH, L:12/01/06, 234t, 175' x 17.5', rnd:06, s:07/10/20, Fowey Coaling Co.]

TB 2 [HMS TB 2 ex-HMS Dragonfly, Din/cl, B:WH, L:11/03/06, 235t, 175' x 17.5', rnd:06, s:07/10/20, Ward, Hayle]

TB 3 [HMS TB 3 ex-HMS Firefly, Din/cl, B:WH, L:01/09/06, 233t, 173' x 17.5', rnd:06, s:07/10/20. Ward, Hayle]

TB 4 [HMS TB 4 ex-HMS Sandfly, Din/cl, B:WH, L:20/10/06, 235t, 175' x 17.25', rnd:06, s:07/1-/20, Ward, ran ashore on Pebble Ridge?]

TB 5 [HMS TB 5 ex-HMS Spider, Din/cl, B:WH, L:15'12'06, 235t, 175' x 17.5', rnd:06, s:07/10/20, Ward, Briton Ferry]

TB 6 [HMS TB 6 ex-HMS Gadfly, Din/cl, B:TH, L:24/06/06, 215t, 166.5' x 17.5', rnd:06, s:22/10/20, Stanlee, Dover]

TB 7 [HMS TB 7 ex-HMS Glowworm, Din/cl, B:TH, L:20/12/06, 255t, 166.5' x 17.5', rnd:06, s:09/05/21, Ward Rainham]

TB 8 [HMS TB 8 ex-HMS Gnat, Din/cl, B:TH, L:01/12/06, 255t, 166.5' x 17.5', rnd:06, s:09/05/21, Ward, Rainham]

TB 9 [HMS TB 9 ex-HMS Grasshopper, Din/cl, B:TH, L:18/03/06, 255t, 166.5' x 17.5', rnd:06, su:26/07/16, collision, in North Sea]

TB 10 [HMS TB 10 ex-HMS Greenfly, Din/cl, B:TH, L:15/02/07, 255t, 166.5' x 17.5', su:10/01/15, mine, in North Sea]

TB 11 [HMS TB 11 ex-HMS Mayfly, Din/cl, B:YG, L:29/01/07, 225t, 172' x 18', rnd:06, su:07/03/16, mine, in North Sea]

TB 12 [HMS TB 12 ex-HMS Moth, Din/cl, B:YG, L:15/03/07, 225t, 172' x 18', rnd:06, su:10/06/15, mine, in North Sea]

TB 13 [HMS TB 13, Din/cl, B:WH, L:10/07/07, 256t, 182' x 18', su:26/01/16, collision, in North Sea]

TB 14 [HMS TB 14, Din/cl, B:WH, L:29/09/07, 256t, 182' x 18', s:07/10/20, Phlip, Dartmouth for use as pontoon jetty]

TB 15 [HMS TB 15, Din/cl, B:WH, L:19/11/07, 256', 182' x 18', s:07/10/20, Ward, to Briton Ferry:29/01/21]

TB 16 [HMS TB 16, Din/cl, B:WH, L:23/12/07, 256', 182' x 18', s:07/10/20, Ward, to Briton Ferry:29/01/21]

TB 17 [HMS TB 17, Din/cl, B:DE, L:21/12/07, 251t, 180' x 18', s:1919, at Gibraltar]

TB 18 [HMS TB 18, Din/cl, B:DE, L:23/12/07, 251t, 180' x 18', s:1920, at Gibraltar]

TB 19 [HMS TB 19, Din/cl, B:TH, L:07/12/20, 280t, 178.5' x 20.5', s:09/05/21, Ward, Grays]

TB 20 [HMS TB 20, Din/cl, B:TH, L:21/02/08, 280t, 178.5' x 20.5', s:09/05/21, Ward, Grays]

TB 21 [HMS TB 21, Din/cl, B:HL, L:20/12/07, 308t, 185' x 18.5', s:07/10/20, Maden & Maden, s:Hayes]

TB 22 [HMS TB 22, Din/cl, B:HL, L:01/02/08, 308t, 185' x 18.5', s:07/10/20, Maden & Maden, s:08/24, Hayes, Porthcawl]

TB 23 [HMS TB 23, Din/cl, B:YG, L:05/12/07, 253t, 177.5'', x 18', s:09/05/21, Ward, Grays]

TB 24 [HMS TB 24, Din/cl, B:PM, L:19/03/08, 292t, 177' x 18', wr:28/01/17, on breakwater, Dover]

TB 25 [HMS TB 25, Din/cl, B:WH, L:28/07/08, 283t, 182' x 18', s:09.05.21, Ward, Grays]

TB 26 [HMS TB 26, Din/cl, B:WH, L:28/08/08, 283t, 182' x 18', s:09.05.21, Ward, b:Rainham]

TB 27 [HMS TB 27, Din/cl, B:WH, L:29/09/08, 283t, 182' x 18', s:09.05.21, Ward, Rainham]

TB 28 [HMS TB 28, Din/cl, B:WH, L:29/10/08, 283t, 182' x 18', s:09.05.21, Ward, Rainham]

TB 29 [HMS TB 29, Din/cl, B:DE, L:29/08/08, 259t, 180' x 18', s:28/11/19, at Malta]

TB 30 [HMS TB 30, Din/cl, B:DE, L:29/09/08, 259t, 180' x 18', s:28/11/19, at Malta]

TB 31 [HMS TB 31, Din/cl, B:TH, L:10/10/08, 287t, 178.5' x 18.5', s:09/05/21, Ward, Rainham]

TB 32 [HMS TB 32, Din/cl, B:TH, L:23/11/08, 287t, 178.5' x 18.5', s:09/05/21, Ward, Rainham]

TB 33 [HMS TB 33, Din/cl, B:HL, L:22/02/09, 306t, 185' x 18.5', s:24/08/22, Cashmore, Newport]

TB 34 [HMS TB 34, Din/cl, B:HL, L:22/02/09, 306t, 185' x 18.5', s;09.05/21, Ward, Rainham]

TB 35 [HMS TB 35, Din/cl, B:PM, L:19/04/09, 298t, 177' x 18', s:24/08/22, Cashmore, Newport]

TB 36 [HMS TB 36, Din/cl, B:PM, L:06/05/09, 298t, 177' x 18', s:09/05/21, Ward, Rainham]

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